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Research into 3D building projections

November 18, 2010

Because of twitter I knew that 3D projections on buildings had been done before and a fashion house had done one last week.

From twitter I had heard about the 4D Ralph Lauren event, the tweet had a link to the Ralph Lauren website where I was blown away with their video of last weeks event. The most useful video was the “Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience – Behind The Scenes”. This gave me a great insight to how an event like this can be put together from a production and technical perspective. What would we do without green screen technology?

I googled “3D building projection” and the top results after the Ads and youTube was a website called “3D projections on buildings” a Dutch company called NuFormer Projection. Who have done 17 videos this year which are available to watch on their Vimeo account. This site was very useful by giving a good introduction into 3D building projections and it also explained things that could catch you out, like it must be dark, street lighting must be off and glass buildings can’t be used for a 3D projection. This sounds obvious, but shows that they know what they are talking about.

What I was also after was how much a 3D events cost, but this site contains no prices like most. You have to contact them for prices and further information. After this I found another site who offer 3D projections. “illumania” but this was less useful, some links on the site were broken and there was far less content on the site and a poor source.

On Vimeo and youTube, I watched some of the 3D projections videos, which where amazing, but these video don’t do justice to the real thing which I imagine would look fantastic in real life.

I went back and found the tweet about Vienna and clicked on the associated link in the tweet, which took me to a facebook page about the event, which was not that useful.

Next I searched “3D projections London” and came across an interesting blog called “The writing on the wall” which had a post written last week about the Vienna projection and a Marble Arch projection (done in February 2010). I commented on the blog post telling the author about the Ralph Lauren event last week. “” I now follow Lucie Bartlett on twitter.

By googling the Marble Arch event I came across the company that produced this event, “LCI” based in Barnes, London. I gave them a call to find out about prices, they said they would e-mail the details but never did.

For my PG01 homework, I found that one of my fellow masters student outside the broadcast futures group, had blogged about the 3D building projections. There is a real buzz about 3D building projections at the moment.

A part of my research I tweeted that I was researching in to building projections. I got a response back pointing me towards “Anish Kapoor for 3D inspiration” and this was a different aspect that was not directly related to what I was researching.

I also need to get some stats on the number of events, audience size and audience demographics.  I was unable to find numbers, so I counted the number of videos on Vimeo and youTube. On twitter I searched Ralph Lauren 4D building projection. I couldn’t see how many tweets in total since the event last week, but managed to find out that there were 100 pages with 15 tweets = 1,500 on the last two days, so this confirmed the immense interest regarding the Ralph Lauren event.

Other sites explored – French blog with lots of youTube videos of 3D building projections – lots of youTube videos

As I already knew, there has been a fashion/catwalk projected on to a building (Ralph Lauren last week).

Also I now have an understanding of what the production process for making a 3D building projection show. I still have no idea how much it would cost to produce a 3D event and it clearly is a ‘hot potato’ right now.

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  1. luciebartlett permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:31 pm

    Thanks for stopping by The Writing’s On the Wall Michelle! Best of luck with all your continued research into 3D projection mapping. Lx

  2. February 7, 2011 1:21 am

    Very well laid out blog. Thank you. I am an event promoter in Los Angeles and am in the process of creating a 3d event out here. Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share some of the information you’re looking for.

    • February 17, 2011 10:57 am

      Thanks Josh, good luck with your event, let me know if i can watch it online

  3. January 10, 2012 6:02 am

    i am trying to get a 3D projection show for one of my clients, i got a proposal for 200,000 euros for 3 minutes show, is that i reasonable price, as the block mentioned above, its very difficult to get proper prices on this.

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