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My presentation for PG02 about 3D building projections

November 20, 2010

Before this project I knew very little about 3D building projections and through research, found out the following which I presented on Friday.

Below is the part of the presentation that I researched and presented:

This is the script that accompanies the slides
Slide 1
3D building projection is a 3D visual effect that is projected on a large building that comes alive when it gets dark.

Displaying your garments on a building is very imaginative way of advertising your products to a larger audience, who become very engrossed in this event.

Slide 2
Ralph Lauren did a building projection in the last week with great success in New York and in London where the event was watched by thousands of people.

At a event the audience become immersed in the experience and enjoying the fashion show.

The best thing about these events is that no special glasses are needed to watch this type of event.

Slide 3
Using view-D, we can help you market your garment in a stunning way to a large audience.

Your garment will stand out from your competitors in this new and novel way to communicate your potential customers

These events are a talking point with words like ‘amazing’ be banded about

Slide 4
There were 2 projections in London last week

A search on youTube revealed 523 videos, obviously some of these are duplicate events.

’Nuformer’ a Dutch company leader in the industry has done 17 building projections this year and this is substantially up from last year.

Over the last 2 days there have been over 1,500 tweets about last weeks Ralph Lauren events.

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