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PG02 project 1 recap

November 20, 2010

The 3D shoot
Leading up to the shoot we had to overcome a number of obstacles like studio and equipment availability, conflicting lectures and fashion student assessments. In the end we managed to secure a three-hour time (Tuesday 16/11/10 –  8am to 10.30am) to line up and shoot the video.

On the day, lining up of the 3D camera took quite a while (about three times as long as it took to shoot) and we finished line up at 9.45am which left 45min to shoot the model sequence. We needed 3 shots in total which were successfully recorded and the whole team worked together to achieve this. If we hadn’t done most of the set up and rehearsal the night before we wouldn’t have managed to complete our shoot. Pictures of the shoot –

The Branding
It took us a while to decided a name of the product/company, because it was an unclear what the product/service was, once this was agreed, the team had a vote and we settled on ‘View-D’.

Antony (a fellow masters student- came up with 8 different logos for the View-D brand. In addition I did some research with friends outside the team who preferred the red circle logo the best, but also liked the other circle one too. Here is the chosen logo, copyright Antony.

The Presentation
The presentation on Friday went very well.

Things that went well:

  1. We had consistent slides (look and feel)
  2. We ran nearly to time
  3. We worked as a team
  4. We solved problems as a team
  5. We supported each other

Thing that could have been improved in the presentation:

  1. More images in the presentations plus images of the shoot in 3D
  2. Less duplicate content in some of the slides
  3. Less slides overall
  4. More fluidity by having another rehearsal
  5. Looking more professional by the presenter changing their own slides
  6. Better and more figures/costs
  7. More joined up message from all of the speakers and common language

The main thing is next time start earlier.

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