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November 22, 2010

3 video all containing different types of content

1. Arts

A good 3D example, 3D makes this event come to life, these shots work well in 3D.  This is because there are lots of people and movement in this video, e.g. the dancers at the Notting Hill Carnival

But the colours (chroma) look washed out, I would expect the costumes to look very colourful.


People walking on the River Thames towpath and on the bridges,  help make this video, the shots that are just views don’t feel like 3D, I think you need the people as a reference.

3. Confrence

This video really doesn’t work in 3D

Because there isn’t enough going on. The screen behind the presenters is 2D and feels up 80% of the video. This is a good example where the content is not right for 3D.

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