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PG02 project 1 summary

December 20, 2010


Explore concepts of space and time through a piece of short form 3D 360° content.

My role:

  • Project manager
  • Researcher
  • Production manager

What I did:

  • Set up the project blog and gave access to the team
  • Re-edited the video in final cup pro
  • Helped set up and shoot the fashion video
  • Planned the project in to tasks
  • Tracked project status and tasks
  • Produced a production risk assessment
  • Produced a call sheet for filming
  • Researched into what has been done before, watched youTube fashion anaglyph videos
  • Researched into peoples online shopping experience
  • Made a decision about the logo after consulting consumers
  • Facilitated the team choosing their subject areas for research and presentation
  • Documented ideas from the brainstorming session
  • Worked out a schedule and planned meetings
  • Regularly contributed to the blog
  • Researched into building projections
  • Presented the building projections section to the tutors and answered questions
  • Researched into production issues around repurposing 3D for different mediums
  • Found and added appropriate pictures to the presentation
  • Kept one central copy of the presentation, being constantly changed by 8 other members of the team
  • Compiled the presentation
  • Changed slides for the team during the presentation, this helped keep us on schedule

My Research techniques

  • Web and TV
    • To find out what has been done before [tags: Online, videos]
    • Talk to consumers
      • To understand their online and retail clothes shopping experience [tag: focus group]
    • Building projections
      • To see what has been done before, who does it, how much it costs and consumers reaction to these events [tags: Online, twitter, blogs]
    • Repurposing 3D
      • To find out how it can be done and its complexities [tags: Online, journal]
    • Book and conferences
      • To learn about 3D [tags: book, conferences]

My learning during the project

  • The difficulty of filming in 3D, how to shoot and edit 3D footage
  • Get it right at the shoot
  • Allow lots of time for shooting and editing in 3D
  • Talk to consumers, not just research online
  • The complexities of repurposing 3D for different mediums
  • We had consistent slides (look and feel)
  • We ran nearly to time
  • We worked as a team
  • We solved problems as a team
  • We supported each other

Things that went well

  • We had consistent slides (look and feel)
  • We ran nearly to time
  • We worked as a team
  • We solved problems as a team
  • We supported each other

Future improvements

  • More images in the presentations plus images of the shoot in 3D
  • Less duplicate content in some of the slides
  • Less slides overall, with less text
  • More fluidity by having more rehearsals
  • Looking more professional by the presenter changing their own slides
  • Better and more figures/costs
  • More joined up message from all of the speakers and common language
  • Start earlier
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