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Thought provoking questions + Research methods

January 2, 2011

Below are some thought provoking questions that have popped in to my mind in relation to my project, inspired through  the PG01 class.

5/1/2011 – Added to this post how am I going to answer these questions = what is my research method.

  1. In the 1950’s was any sports events filmed in 3D? (The 1st golden era of 3D (what has been done before?))
    RM – Online, old Journals, library
  2. Was any of the 1952 winter and summer Olympics shot in 3D?
    RM – Pathe Archive
  3. What other university’s in the UK are doing 3D research?
    RM – Online research, networking
  4. Who are the online experts in my research area?
    RM – Twitter, online research
  5. What research has been already done on this subject?
    RM – Twitter, online research, library, conferences
  6. Who can I contact at London 2012?
    RM – Networking, Project contacts, broadcasting contacts, use e-mail, twitter
  7. Who else is doing research in my project area?
    RM – Twitter, online research, conferences
  8. Are there any gaps in the current research, what is the current research?
    RM – Twitter, online research, journals
  9. How can my research help the 2016 Olympics?
    RM – online research into 2016 & future focus
  10. What is being broadcast now?
    RM – Twitter, online research, radio times, podcasts
  11. Is broadcast technology being used to its full potential?
    RM – Twitter, online research, questionnaire
  12. Will these new technologies be successful this time around?
    RM – Twitter, online research, journals
  13. Why was it not a success last time and what has changed now?
    RM – Twitter, online research. journals, gap analysis, library
  14. What is the competition?
    RM – Twitter, online research
  15. Why does the consumer what this (and will they buy it)?
    RM – Twitter, online research, surveys
  16. Is it niche?
    RM – Twitter, online research
  17. What was it original intension, when it was developed?
    RM – online research, journals and books
  18. Is it art, technology or entertainment?
    RM – online analysis
  19. Is it easy to use/operate?
    RM- User testing, published research
  20. Will it last?
    RM – Twitter, online research, survey
  21. What will the consumers peers think of it?
    RM – Twitter, online research, survey
  22. What are the social and cultural implications?
    RM – Twitter, online research, survey
  23. Is it innovative?
    RM – Twitter, online research
  24. What are the alternatives?
    RM – Twitter, online research
  25. What sports will it enhance?
    RM – Prototype, online research and consuming existing technology (e.g. sky 3D, you view)
  26. Who has this technology already at the disposal?
    RM – online research, high street stores, technology shows, magazines
  27. What are the possibilities?
    RM – online research, technology shows, conferences, magazines, podcasts
  28. During the history of the Olympics what new technology has been implemented for the Olympics?
    RM- online research, books
  29. What new technolgies were used on 2008 summer and 2010 winter olympics?
    RM- online, BFI, pathe, radio time, twitter

This is a constantly evolving list of questions, that I will continue to grow and start to answer.

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