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PG02 project 2 recap

January 20, 2011

The second project brief was to permanently commemorate an event held in London. This was a really interesting and challenging brief, we eventually came up with a concept that we hope has met all the criteria. This was a competition between five teams of students at Ravensbourne.

We were a small team of four people, Antony, Martin and Steve, the first few weeks of this project, we spent brainstorming ideas and researching into the event. I visited the event site, had a bus tour of the area and went to a museum for research.  The two things that stuck in our minds from the bus tour was sewerage because of the embossing on the building and signposts, these later became part of the idea.

In early December we had a facilitated brainstorming session. Our idea evolved over a number of weeks, which we all participated in, and Steve then modelled in Maya.

Over the Christmas break, we went to the memorial site to make a video, which we would later add the Maya 3D model to. The purpose of this video was for our audience to visualise the memorial, in its surroundings. Other members of the team worked on the web and mobile aspects of this project, gathering research and designing the elements.

The first week back our deadline had become a few days earlier than we had planned, rendering started out of Maya, this took days and days, it was slow and we had problems, the computer finally finished a few hours before the presentation. All the elements came together, the costs, how could it be built, the graphics, one page handout and the presentation, plus the model of the memorial, which I built, using card and glue.

The last few days before the presentation where long, and we needed more rehearsal time for the presentation, the first run through in front of the tutors was poor, we missed points, I lost my place and we had a technology failure, but they liked our concept and we didn’t need to make any changes to our presentation, just needed to rehearse.

The presentation in front of the committee went well, nerves had nearly gone, everybody knew their section, we ran to time and we fielded questions as a team.

This project was outside my comfort zone, but luckily part of the team knew about building, art and architecture.

So, now it is just about waiting to see which team has bee selected to build their memorial.


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