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My First 3D edit

January 28, 2011

For our first project as postgraduate students as Ravensbourne, we shot a 3D fashion catwalk scene in the TV studio, with one model. We used Panasonic cameras with P2 cards, mounded on a beam splitter rig.

Our shooting schedule was significantly reduced, which has resulted in the edit in Final cut pro being problematic, but this has provided me with a great learning opportunity.

These are the problems we had:

  1. The clips are not labelled left or right, making it hard to tell the difference between the left and right eyes
  2. The video was recorded with difference frame sizes and different codecs, one at 1440×1080 DVC Pro HD 1080i/50 codec and the other 1920×1080 using a avid codec
  3. Very dusty beamsplitter glass, which you can see on only one of the cameras/eye
  4. Bad reflections on the beamspliter glass, which you can see on only one of the cameras/eye
  5. Each cameras zoom settings are different

We shot converged, this makes it harder to resolve some of these issues.

To solve the problems above, it was possible to tell the difference between left and right eyes, by how much there is in shot on the left and right of the screen, also knowing what should be on the left and the right of the screen, helps. In order to deal with the frame size issue we exported the bigger clip (1920×1080) with the following parameters ‘DVC PRO HD 1080i/50’ codec and then added the clip back into FCP where you can see that both eyes have the same codec, data rate and frame size. No changes have been made to solve the issues with the beamsplitter glass, we could make 3D video from the single camera that has not used the beamsplitter, but that is a bit beyond my knowledge. Changing the zoom disparity has solved the camera zoom length problem.

Also to improve the 3D the following settings were changed using Stereo 3D Toolbox from Dashwood

  • Red in Right Eye Anaglyph
  • Red in Left Eye Anaglyph
  • Left Gamma Anaglyph.
  • Vertical % Fine
  • Rotational Disparity
  • Zoom Disparity

Below is a screen shot of our 3D toolbox settings

Stereo 3D Toolbox from Dashwood settings
We wanted to add the 3D logo to the video, but the brand logo is red, this was problematic with red and cyan anaglyph.

I now understand the importance of getting in right at the shoot, allowing enough time for line up and filming. Plus I learnt that you must name the files left and right when digitising them, check the cameras are set up the same and then double check, clean the glass, watch out for reflections and monitor the camera that is using the beamsplitter.

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