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My top five building projections

March 1, 2011

I am doing more research into building projections, there is still a great buzz about them, lots of articles on the internet and tweets.

Car, electronic, TV, fashion, alcohol manufactures are all regularly using 3D building projections to promote and launch their products.

I personally like the projections to tell a story and the projection to make clever use of the buildings architecture and windows.

My favourite of the twenty video’s I watched yesterday where:

1. Although this is a test, it is a great example of object mapping.

2. Great building to project on to. I love when the building disappears and the subway train sequence. There is great use of sound effects to go with the projection.

3. Love the use of the football, football player and pinball, a really fun and interesting projection.

4. I like the building cracking and flowers growing, then filling with water and fish. A 3D projection to promote a 3D TV ☺

5. The people incorporated into the projection are clever, building projections are a great way to show fashion. This must have cost a lot of money to produce.

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