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IPTV world forum 2011

March 25, 2011

There were so many companies displaying their set top boxes with their own EPG and apps/widgets that link up with twitter, youtube etc

Some boxes facilitate iPad (mobile or PC) connectivity, this means that you could start watching a programme on TV that is stored on your STB then pause it, go to your iPad and continue watching the programme for the point you paused it on your TV, how cool is that. (Sexmi)

The widgets I saw tended to be separate full screen apps and didn’t overlay the broadcast tv pictures.

There seemed to be so many set top boxes all doing similar things.

I was particularly looking out for any 3D IPTV examples at this exhibition, but there were none.

Althos books kindly gave me 2 books that may be useful for my research question about tv immersion – Introduction to IP Television and IPTV Business Opportunities.

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