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Broadcasters TV apps

May 20, 2011

Tv apps allow the viewer to watch tv on there tablet device. iPlayer, (CBS),ABC player, HULU,  HBO go, Crackle, are examples of these.

BBC iPlayer


ABC Player



Time warner

My review

I was unable to test most of the apps as they were only available in the USA.

The most interactive app is HBO GO seems with a lot extra content.

BBC iPlayer is the only app that allows viewers to watch some tv programmes live.

All of the apps let you watch episodes of current tv shows that have already been aired.

Some of these apps allow one to share the content on social media sites like facebook.

The time warner app allows one to watch live tv, it is an IPTV service for your iPad, that one can switch between broadcast channels, like on a tv set. and Crackle seem to be have poor quality video, also there wasn’t that much interesting content to choose from on the UK version of the Crackle.

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