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3D Fashion Catwalk – videos

November 16, 2010

Here is my combined post (taken from the Broadcast Futures Blog) of my research into 3D catwalk, for our PG02 group project, looking in to  what has been done

3D Virtual Fashion Runway – originally published 10.11.10

Note the camera angles and virtual people on a cat walk

Also at the end there is a freeze of the model and the camera spins around the model

the models don’t walk naturally, and it feels very computer generated, it is not very 3D

3D Animation Fashion Show – originally published 10.11.10

Calls it -3D Animation Fashion Show, but is not 3D, an example of computer generated models, would be good to create a virtual avatar of yourself and use it to try clothes on

Catwalk in Stereo 3D and Slow Motion London 2010 – originally published 10.11.10

Looks brillant, get your red and cyan glasses out

I wonder why they have done it in slow motion?

Another fashion show also in slow motion

A lot going on in the background, nice use of 3D

3D stage show

good for showing lots of movement and depth of filed on a stage

So 3D catwalk scenes have been done before, and look brilliant in 3D, because there is a good depth of field and movement as people walk towards the camera.

This project is also looking at other products that incorporate 3D not just a video, more research will need to be done into fashion/clothes shopping on mobiles, IPTV, games, digital signage, retail, print and 3D building projections.

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