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Arsenal tv matchday +

March 18, 2011

In 2010 Arsenal football club did a trial inside their stadium with Sony PSP devices.

Eric Siereveld, Sony told Reuters (Siereveld, 2010) in a video interview that the PSP would be able to show replays, stream live video with a slight delay to see what you have missed, statistics, live scores and in the future link fans during the games and exchange messages etc

Also this service provides a “complete enhancement of the fans experience” (Siereveld, 2010)

Mark Grinyer, Head of Sports Business, Sony Professional commented on the Arsenal website “No one would deny that the live experience is the ultimate way to watch sport. What this new service offers is an even more immersive experience for fans.” (Grinyer, 2010)

As I am investigating about enhancing the sports fans experience this concept and service is very useful and could be built upon for Olympic sports.

The official arsenal website describe the Matchday service as a:
• Action replays from selected camera angles, plus slow-motion options
• Live match statistics
• Team sheets and Arsenal player profiles
• Pre-match video content and editorial news
• Man of the match voting within the Arsenal TV Matchday + user base
• Barclays Premier League Table
• Live scores and results from other fixtures

The behind the scenes video by Philip Johnson explains how the system works and the technologies being used like multicast streaming, wifi access points, there is a specialist OB team and software required for producing the psp video stream and service.

The findings of this service could be very useful for my CARD. So far all the publicity seems to be positive, but I was unable to find out for certain if the trial had finished and if Arsenal and Sony had launched this service for the 2010/2011 season.

As a football fan who watches most of my football on tv I often rewind and watch bits again that I have missed. Having the ability to look at the match again via the delay can be really useful for seeing incidents or play down the other end of the pitch which can be hard to see. Keeping up to date with the scores in other games is very useful, I have noticed lots of fans at matches checking the other games scores on their phones and in the past lots of supporters used to listen to radio to find out the score in other matches (this becomes even more important at the end of the season).

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