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‘The real world’

April 10, 2011

At the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television I watched ‘The real world’ – presented by Michael Rood’ about 3D television broadcast in 1982.

The TV show contained some footage that had never been seen before in 3D. The footage was of the Queen the week after her coronation in 1953. It was incredibly poor quality.

The programme explained with practical examples how 3D worked and showed current experiments in 3D and pushed objects (dust, a ladder and hands) at the camera to demonstrate 3D coming out the screen to the viewer at home wearing anaglyph glasses.

The programme explained and demonstrated lenticular, anaglyph, polarised and beamsplitter technology. All these things are now coming into fruition.

The best 3D footage I watched using the anaglyph glasses was under an water dolphin scene. The video also demonstrated how 3D technology could be used for map making, robots in nuclear plants and underwater pipe examination.

Dr Tan says “3D is so close to reality” and 30 years later this is becoming more true.

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